Thursday, September 15, 2011


I´ve been thinking about the meaning of happiness for so long. I realized we cant find ONE definition, ONE meaning. 
Happiness is different for each person. Everyone finds it in he´s own way. Some find it in the ocean, some in the dessert. Some with non-stoping work, some traveling all year round. Some eating, some sleeping. Some in the hot sun, some in the cold snow. But the feeling is the same for everyone, and that´s what matters. 
Dont you deprive for that RIGHT YOU OWN.

Feel free to do what you want. Feel free to be HAPPY. You deserve it.

What is happiness for you? 
What things make YOU happy?




  1. La felicidad para mí es no sentir ansiedad, ni angustia ni tristeza. La felicidad no es un momento de excitación, porque yo eso lo relaciono con estar contenta, sino es una sensación prolongada de bien estar general que te hace sentir segura de ti misma.
    A mi me hace feliz sentir que aprovecho mi vida, dándole a la misma muchas sensaciones y emociones.


  2. So many small small things makes me happy .It's inside .We can not practice it .Love your sweet post.

  3. For me, happiness is knowing that I'm loved!

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  4. wow i needed this post!!! It is so true ;)


  5. It so true, thanks for sharing this!

    xoxo Robine @

  6. it makes me happy, when I'm with my family and friends! I love them and I couldn't imagine being happy without my loved ones!

  7. I really like this post because I had a rather stressful week and reading through these made me feel a little more relaxed and especially not having hatred in your heart is so important. It's not worth it. Very nice blog you have here, following you now.


  8. I agree with Dale...I actually am really glad i read that, so thankyou for posting that!!! My freinds just gone to uni and im off on the 25th but im scaredddddd and i miss my bestfreind :( silly but hey i was looking for soemthing to cheer me upppppppp! so thanks :) hahaa


  9. For me, happiness is being with my loved ones, and knowing I am loved. It's the smallest things we often take for granted that make for true happiness. Hope you have a joy filled week ahead.

  10. LOVE this!
    i saved the image and pasted it to my computer desktop. i love sayings that inspire me.
    your blog it rad, by the way!


  11. This is great. It's so easy to forget to love the little things in life.

    Love the blog!
    Natasha @

  12. What a sweet little post. :) I absolutely agree with you here. Happiness is so many different things and for every one of us, it's defined in its own way. I think that's what makes it so hard for some people to grasp. They think happiness has to be the same for them as someone else, when in fact, happiness is what you make of it. :)

  13. I love this post! :)

  14. AWESOME.
    This is very true post. Thanks for sharing.

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